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x L4 Ports x
The L4 microkernel was developed and implemented on ix86 platforms by Jochen Liedtke, then at GMD, Germany. Liedtke continued development of the Intel version of L4 while at IBM TJ Watson Research Center. He is now at the University of Karlsruhe.

The DiSy group at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) is working on L4 implementations for several platforms.

  • L4/Alpha: a development started at the Technical University of Dresden and extended at UNSW. Now includes SMP support and changes to most of the underlying code. To our knowledge this is the fastest kernel for the Alpha architecture.
  • L4/MIPS: a stable version for the MIP R4x00 processor, to our knowledge the world's fastest kernel for that architecture.
  • L4/StrongARM: codename Gauntlet, for the StrongARM SA-11x0 processor.

The TU Dresden group is currently working on the Fiasco microkernel which implements the L4/x86 API. Linux on L4 and DROPS are projects developed at TU Dresden running on L4.

The System Architecture Group at the University of Karlsruhe is home to L4Ka. L4Ka supports x86 and several ARM cores. Here you will also find details about new L4 APIs as well as IA64 and Power4 ports.

IBM Watson are currently developing the Lava Nucleus as part of their SawMill project.

Other ports also exist, including the original L4/x86 port and commercial ports.

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